I create opportunities through design and advocacy.


I am a designer, educator, researcher, and advocator, who is curious about the connectivity of all beings.

In my early twenties, I experienced being disabled, which gave me unique perspectives and a greater sense of empathy for not only my community but for any stigmatized or minority group. Healing from a chronic illness is a large part of my story. Through healing, I have found a great connection to energies of Nature and the Universe. Because of this, I want to create a healthier world for myself, all beings, and the Earth. From designing sustainable materials to inclusive services, my designs create opportunities for all, not just the few select.

Designers are often taught to think about complex problems, but I want my creativity to celebrate communities, cultures and the Earth. If we are always trying to fix things, then we will never pause to think about all what exists that is already amazing.


Let’s create something together!

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