Finding design opportunities beginning with pure material experimentation



design a modular furniture system through experimenting with materials


begin with play

I choose to experiment with recycled PET felt. Since the felt is polymer base, it allowed me to laser cut and make unique shapes. I was curious about transforming a flat textile into a three dimensional form through laser cutting, weaving, and sewing. I was inspired by this material created from recycled material and wanted to make sure my design could be recyclable as well.

Introducing Verdant.jpg

A modular system that divides rooms and stores the objects of daily life. Designed for open planned living, Verdant also serves as an acoustical addition to any space due to the manipulation of a sound absorbent material, recycled PET felt.


design for a circular economy

Verdant looks to the past, exists in the present and thinks about the future. Made from 100% recycled PET, the “felt” can be recycled [again] after it’s use. The tab locking system does not need hardware or glue, so there is minimal environmental impact.




easy assembly

Each module is attached via inserting tabs into slits. This makes for easy assembly without any tools and limited instruction.


accessible storage

The module shape is accessible from each side making storage easy.



This semi-transparent design divides a space without blocking light or flow.